Manitoba Kendo Club


Kendo Canada

Canadian Kendo Federation
The Canadian Kendo Federation is the official governing body for Kendo in Canada. Made up of Kendo clubs throughout Canada, The Manitoba Kendo Club has been a member of the CKF since 1968. The CKF website is the official resource in Canada for national level events, Team Canada updates and Canada wide club listings.

International Kendo Federation

International Kendo Federation
Established in 1970, FIK is composed of National Kendo Federations, each of which exclusively represents the nation/region in Kendo.  At the time of establishment, 17 countries/regions were affiliated with FIK.  As of Aug. 2009, 50 countries/regions are FIK affiliates.


AJFK International Information
The All Japan Kendo Federation (English page) is a resource for AJKF Books, Videos and other Goods as well as international events relating to kendo.


The Manitoba Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (MJCCC)
The Manitoba Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (MJCCC) is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Japanese culture, heritage, and history. Membership is open to anyone and should be of interest particularly to those who feel an affinity for or interest in Japan and things Japanese.